This is a special edition of Smart Open Lisboa: to build a new city life after the lockdown caused by Covid-19.

Smart Open Lisboa (SOL) is a startup program focused on the integration of innovative solutions meant to upgrade the citizens’ life.

While the world is facing a major challenge caused by the pandemic virus Covid-19, cities and its citizens wake up for a new reality. SOL Tomorrow is a fully remote program to deliver fast solutions for specific social and economic challenges that the city of Lisbon, its citizens, and companies have to deal with throughout the months after COVID-19 lockdown. The program aims to quickly implement solutions in the city.

who we are looking for

Startups with product market-fit

Startups with solutions ready to implement

Startups with relevant traction


We are looking for solutions ready to be implemented in the city that focus on the emergency areas of social isolation, mental health, and unemployment, as well as in the recovery areas of tourism, economy and ongoing resilience.

  • Economic & Tourism Recovery

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  • New Work Paradigm

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  • Remote Work & Learning

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  • City Resilience & Trust Building

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  • Social Emergency & Unemployment

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In order to start implementing new solutions in the city with the promptness needed, SOL Tomorrow’s applications will be evaluated in two waves. We will start evaluating a first batch of applications, selecting 15 to 20 startups that will take part in the online pitch. These startups will move quickly to the Implementation Phase. A second batch of applications will be evaluated afterwards, following the same course.


It all starts with your online application. We will assess your fit with the program, how your solution addresses the program challenges, how it delivers value and what value is delivered, how flexible is the business model, and how SOL Tomorrow can implement the solution.

Wave 1: 2 June – 2 July
Wave 2: 3 July – 2 September


Your online application will be evaluated, and a batch of 15 to 20 startups per wave will be selected for each Online Pitch event.

Note: if selected, you will only be able to participate in one Online Pitch event and Collaboration Design Sprint. Those will correspond to your application wave (e.g. first wave applicants attend the first Online Pitch and the first Collaboration Design Sprint)


This is a first quick interaction with the partners where you will Pitch your solution and answer any additional questions from the partners’ jury members. For each Online Pitch, 8 to 12 startups will be invited to move forward to the Collaboration Design Sprint.

Batch 1: 14 July
Batch 2: 10 September


This is a 2-day online collaboration Bootcamp, where you’ll be matched with the relevant partners to discuss collaboration opportunities in 1-on-1 sessions, and design your solution implementation plan. At the end of these two days, the startups that will move forward to the solution implementation phase will be selected.

Batch 1: 21-22 July
Batch 2: 7-8 October


This is the time of action and certainly the highlight of the program. During this phase, the selected teams will work closely with the relevant partners to implement their solution and the collaboration plan that they’ve designed. Beta-i will support and follow-up on the progress on these implementation projects.

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