Smart Open Lisboa (SOL) is a startup program focused on the validation and integration of innovative solutions meant to upgrade the citizens’ life.

The program connects startups to key corporates to validate their solutions using real data in a live environment and to work directly with their potential customers and/or partners.

SOL aims to impact the city of Lisbon through different industry verticals.

SOL & Smart Cities

Smart cities are urban areas using IoT to efficiently manage all resources. Considering all components that constitute the complexity of a city, a wide range of areas can benefit from smart cities technologies, from transportation, retail, energy, logistics, and many others.

Smart Open Lisboa overlooks the different areas of focus, bringing innovation into the city, through the most innovative solutions.

vertical accelerators

SOL is growing to a multi-vertical approach with specific programs for specific key city challenges.
After two broader programs (focused on all cities’ challenges) the first vertical to be launched was SOL Mobility, followed by SOL Housing.

In each vertical, we will be joining innovative companies and SOL associated partners with top startups from all over the world.


Presenting itself as the city of seven the seven hills overlooking the Tejo river, Lisbon has been a major tourist destination for the last few years. In 2018 we could estimate an average of 4.5 million tourists a year. As the country’s capital, it is also its largest city, with over 500.000 inhabitants.

As the winner of the 2020 European Green Capital Award, Lisbon is then the right stage for innovative smart cities’ solutions, improving sustainability in its synergies and people’s lives.


main partner

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Turismo de Portugal is actively involved in shaping the future of smart cities and implementing projects that solve their challenges: SOL acceleration program enables the development and showcasing of solutions to overcome these challenges and promote sustainable cities. Sustainability is one of our tourism policy priorities and it’s a key driver to innovation.
As a partner of SOL 3.0 we want to stimulate the creation of great ideas, turning them into reality, supporting innovation and helping to improve the city’s overall quality of life and performance.

Luis Araujo, President of Turismo de Portugal

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