What is Smart Open Lisboa?

SOL is the city’s flagship program focused on the validation and integration of innovative solutions made to upgrade Lisbon city life by connecting startups, corporates and public institutions with the main goal of tackling smart cities’ challenges, around different industry verticals. This vertical is Mobility.

What is SOL Mobility?

SOL Mobility is a 6-month open innovation program for startups to pilot innovative solutions that can be applied in addressing mobility challenges in the city of Lisbon.

In which stage should startups be in order to apply?

We’re looking for startups that have at least an MVP and preferably have a B2B or B2B2C model in place.

In what language will the program be conducted?

All communications and materials will be in English.

Where and when will the program take place?

If selected, your presence in Lisbon, Portugal will be mandatory during two phases: Bootcamp (5 days between the 3rd and 7th of February 2020) and Demo Day (19th of May 2020). During the remaining phases, contact can be done remotely.

Who needs to present?

For the Bootcamp: We advise at least two team members of your startup, one business-oriented and another more tech-oriented. For the Demo Day: At least one representative of your startup.

I need to apply for a visa to travel to Portugal. Can you help?

We can send you an Invitation Letter for you to use on your visa application.

Are there any expenses covered by the program?

Although we are sure this will be a truly valuable experience for your business, we are also aware that you are still a startup so for international startups, we are covering 50% of your travel tickets for the Bootcamp (maximum compensation 500€ / startup). We will also have a coffee station and provide lunch during this week.

Do you take equity of the participating startups?

SOL Mobility is a piloting-focused program, therefore no equity is taken nor there’s any prize money involved.

Will you be investing in startups?

The program is not investment-focused but given that the startups are selected to develop pilots with the partners, investment opportunity might arise.

If my startup is selected, what are the next steps?

If your startup is pre-selected after the online applications (F6S), you’ll be invited to the online TOP 40 Pitch on the 9th January 2020. Afterwards, a TOP 20 will be selected to take part in the Bootcamp and the startups with the best fit with the partners will move forward to the Experimentation Phase.

What are the selection criteria?

The selection criteria will be managed by Beta-i and the partner’s representatives. The team of evaluators will be focusing on your product, team, market, business model, fit with each partner and will even be counting on their gut feeling and experience from previous programs.

What does my Startup have to gain specifically from this program?

1. Access to established companies in the Portuguese market
2. Opportunity to scale and test the product using real data in a live environment
3. Networking and partnerships with startups selected for the Bootcamp

Can I apply with more than one project/startup?

Yes, definitely. You can apply with as many projects you believe would fit and benefit with the program.

Can I end up developing several pilots with different partners?

Yes, there are no limitations in terms of number of pilots and startup-corporate matching.

Is there a budget set aside for the pilot(s)?

The budget for the pilot(s) is a process of negotiation between the startup and the partner(s) that should start during the Bootcamp, however our recommendation is that the startup proposes something close to their costs. The incentive we want the startup to have is not that the pilot is a source of revenue, but that serves as a way to test its sustainability in a potential future customer of that dimension. If the pilot is successful and makes sense for the partner, then both parties can resume the negotiations for a more complete service or full deployment of the solution.

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